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The Journey Continues...

I'm working on my habit of blogging. Not sure how often yet, not sure where to begin... I'm just taking a leap!


The biggest reason is I have full control. This blog is a way for me to connect with people around the world and I don't have to wait around for an opportunity to come my way. I'm going to create it!

What to expect?

Over the years I've come across helpful resources and lessons that brought significant abundance is achieving my goals. But, I'm not perfect... I have my flaws. I still struggle with attention, focus, and implementing habits that are better for my future. This blog will act as an accountability system for me by sharing with you, my audience, the journey that I am on. The journey right now is - get to 8% body fat (or below; I'm not going to be disappointed if I get to 7% but the target is 8!

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